People helping people – “Roads to Refuge”

This site was shared with me by a family member and it has helped restore my faith in the good that can be done and achieved when people actively decide to help people.

Roads to Refuge is a site set up by the NSW Department of Education (Australia) in conjunction with The University of NSW and the Centre for Refugee Research. There are Education specific programs outlined, but my favourite information was found under the Education Partnership Programs page which contains information about partnerships with universities, government agencies and local schools all designed to achieve specific improvements in the educational experience (and lives!) of refugee children. It shows how sometimes just a little coming from one person can make a big difference in the life of another. And for refugees who may be unsettled and stuck in a liminal space as they try and adapt to another life here in Australia, actions such as these support programs can certainly help ease the ambiguity.

If you are unsure what support may be needed for a refugee arriving in Australia or you are looking to become more involved, this site will offer some practical strategies and links to current programs which may be able to be adapted or incorporated into your own school community.

Happy teaching!

3 thoughts on “People helping people – “Roads to Refuge”

  1. Tina Tai

    Thanks for this information Kayri. I think that the information within these links will provide great ideas for a variety of plans which can be incorporated into our very own schools here in Australia to assist in the building of a positive frameworks for educating Syrian Refugee Children.


    1. Thanks Tina. That’s what I loved about it – these are Australian programs being implemented by Australian people in Australian schools throughout NSW today. Such good ideas to be adapted elsewhere around the country.


  2. Thank you for that information Kayri. Great to know and refer to. I know refugees come with lots of funding when arriving in a NSW department of Education school. That funding is crucial in providing support for these children.

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