Future Learning Spaces for the students of Za’atari

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Vision Statement

My goal as an educator is to provide my students with a thorough and holistic learning experience. I endeavour to help prepare them to participate and contribute to their local, national and global society in ways which are meaningful and enriching for themselves and for others.

As an educator, my aim is to enable my students to develop a strong sense of identity and a connection with the world around them. I am striving to help develop confident learners and effective communicators.

As an educator, my hope is for no less for the children of Za’atari. In fact, in a liminal space where such enormous limitations are placed on personal freedoms, education is one of the few things where a child should be encouraged to be a child – the ability to grow, change, dream, hope and transform even whilst their physical environment challenges otherwise.

Education is so much more than just literacy and numeracy skills. Education within the confines of a refugee camp needs to consider its role in providing opportunities to learn life skills for their own survival and protection. Education must also address the psychosocial needs of the students, many of whom have experienced trauma on a scale which is simply overwhelming. Education needs to provide a safe haven for children to feel welcomed into and supported in, and hopefully one which can motivate and inspire students to become engaged in their educational experiences.

Ultimately, education within the confines of a refugee camp should involve play, creativity, imagination, support, exploration, reflection, innovation, cooperation, independence, collaboration, fun, challenge and transformation – nothing less than I would strive to achieve anywhere else for a 21st century learner. This is my vision for the future learning spaces within Za’atari.


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