Use of time and space for learning and healing – a sample timetable

The limited availability of facilities and resources usually requires a school day to be split into two “shifts” – girls in the morning and boys in the afternoon. I would aim that Future Learning Spaces makes the most of all of the available resources and facilities until such time as more adequate ones are built and established.

I have put some ideas forward into a sample “timetable” of the range of activities I feel should be scheduled within the formal education component of each day. You will notice that there is a mixed range of both traditional “academic” programs along with well-being programs, including physical movement, art, meditation and music. These are all designed to be structured around the daily prayer practices of Sunni Muslims, the main religion within the Za’atari camp.

I have also designed my future learning spaces around the incorporation of technology and the creation and ongoing interaction between communities of practice networks in the form of brother and/or sister schools. Due to time zone restrictions, some sister schools (for the girls program in the morning) for real-time interactions would need to be located throughout Europe or England. Brother schools (for the boys program in the afternoon) could be located in Europe, England or eastern USA. I envisage that these would become two-way relationships where information is shared between teachers and students from both school settings to enrich the learning of all parties involved.

Obviously, this timetable is a very fluid document and one that would need to be reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the demands presented at the time regarding staff numbers, student population and other pertinent factors. But, it offers a potential starting place for considerations to begin.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.48.32 pm

For another copy to view, you can locate it on my Pearltrees page following this link. It is stored under the heading “Use of time and space for learning and healing – a sample timetable”