Students on the Autism Spectrum

As a teacher, it is commonplace nowadays to have experience with children in mainstream settings that present with additional needs.

However, as a parent of a child with autism, I have seen firsthand the educational challenges that he faces day-in, day-out. It is with this in mind that I have pursued to further educate myself on ways that can make his years at school not just bearable, but rather enjoyable and enriching.

I will share some of these experiences, and the hints and tips that have worked for us, as perhaps they will be helpful for others also.

Happy teaching!

One thought on “Students on the Autism Spectrum

  1. tinatai

    Kayri, I am looking forward to reading more on this post. As a teacher with a student on the spectrum I am always looking out for more information, more strategies, more resources to assist me in meeting the needs of everyone in my classroom. Your firsthand experiences may prove very educational and inspirational for all other educators.


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