Creating learning spaces to enable positive change

Learning spaces are an integral part of contemporary education and must be considered and reflected upon by teachers, students and school communities.

The development of learning spaces that meet the needs of those who inhabit them makes it possible for educators and education to provide positive change. The challenge for educators and schools today is correctly analysing these needs, taking a holistic approach to the development of their students. Education today is expected to deliver a quality teaching and learning program, closely guided by the relevant curriculum applicable to each school setting.

However, education today also includes the education of our students to become global citizens. “Intercultural understanding is an essential part of living with others in the diverse world of the twenty-first century. It assists young people to become responsible local and global citizens, equipped through their education for living and working together in an interconnected world” (Australian Curriculum, 2015).

As we attempt to address global issues, consideration should be given to the impact that these may play on education and learning spaces, and this page is dedicated to investigating these considerations further.

Happy teaching!