Should Wisdom Be On the Curriculum?

A must read for any educator interested in addressing the fundamentals of education as the global landscape our students will be entering transforms on a daily basis.

Schooled For Life

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We simply don’t know what the future will hold. Who would have thought 30 years ago, for example, that a large portion of the world’s communication, trade, and source of knowledge would be based on a platform called the internet? The world we live in is dramatically changing and morphing at lightning speed. Only just recently, I read an interesting article that I found on Twitter on artificial intelligence . The ramifications of this one area of technological advancement alone are mind boggling – the implications on future jobs and even upon the fabric of society and humanity itself are far-reaching!

Added to that are complex and difficult issues and problems on a global scale – the current refugee crisis, poverty, sustainability and the global economy are the immediate ones that come to mind.

So how do we as educators equip the up-coming generation? What will be…

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