Did someone say “PLN”?

As educators today, it is important that we embrace the possibilities that the internet (and Web 2.0) provides in the form of instant, global communication with others who share our interests, challenges and passions. A blog can be a useful and effective means of building your own Personal Learning Network (or PLN), and one of the biggest advantages is that you can expand your network far beyond your school and local community.

PLN’s have changed significantly over the past few decades, primarily due to the improvements in global communication via the online learning space and the creation and development of supportive “communities” of professionals, sharing their triumphs and challenges with one another. (Hoskins Sakamoto, 2012).

A blog is simply a way of defining an online form of communication, much like an online diary or journal (Saddington, 2010). However, a blog invites participation from others in the form of comments and/or feedback to your thoughts. It is through a blogs’ interactive nature that we as educators have opportunities to share our thoughts, achievements or challenges and receive support or advice from peers, novices and experts worldwide.

The idea of connecting, sometimes seemingly instantly, with other professionals in my field is exciting. Learning the ropes of a new process (i.e. a blog) can prove to be challenging, but worthwhile. I do wonder where this blog will go? How far outside of my local community can I reach to expand my knowledge and skills? There are also other ways in addition to blogs to utilise the online environment to build your own PLN, such as social media (e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube etc).

Running your own blog isn’t necessary for building your own PLN. However, don’t underestimate what you may be able to gain from all of the online tools available to you as an educator. After all, we are aiming to teach our students how to become competent adults for the future, aren’t we?

tomorrow, the world

Happy teaching!


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2 thoughts on “Did someone say “PLN”?

  1. PattyMacDotComma

    Today’s students,, even the very young ones, seem to communicate almost constantly and are so media-savvy that it’s a bit scary for a lot of teachers. I can see how a PLN could be a real confidence booster for teachers who need some helping keeping up with their kids.


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