What role do creativity and imagination play in education today?

When it comes to educating your students, how important are creativity and imagination to you? Are they behaviours that are best kept to the music and art rooms? Or are they in fact ways that we can connect with our students and engage them in learning that is relevant and long-lasting AND make our own teaching experiences more meaningful for ourselves, as well?

While we consider the role that ‘learning spaces’ play in education today, I feel it is important to consider a broader view of our educational practices as well. Are we rigid in how we teach? Do we feel comfortable following a set formula and not like to put ourselves in positions of making mistakes in front of our students? Are we allowing our students’ to develop the skills and behaviours necessary to solve the challenges and problems they will face? Are we further developing our own creativity and imagination as teachers and learners, and role modelling this to our peers and students?

This short video hopefully offers some further food for thought when it comes to what role creativity and imagination play in education today.

Happy teaching!

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